is possible remove Jhipster Dependencies in back? why is necessary or recommended???

IF I REMOVE OF POM.XML appears different compilation errors.

        <!-- jhipster-needle-maven-add-dependency-management -->

Yes it's possible but you have to import all the dependencies yourself although nothing very difficult because most of them are already provided as Spring Boot starters. Looking at effective pom with mvnw help:effective-pom could help.

Then you must import maven plugins configuration.

Finally, your project will still depend on jhipster-framework library unless you extract only the classes your project needs.

So, is it recommended?

For long term, managing yourself your dependencies is a good thing because major libraries like Spring Boot, Hibernate, ... support old releases for quite a long time while JHipster team supports only current major release (currently 6.x) which usually means one year.

At the beginning of your project, you will probably want to be able to follow JHipster updates. Modifying the pom.xml will make updating generated code more difficult.

Once you have written much manual code, your project is probably already too difficult to update, so cutting the dependency with JHipster will be harmless.

I found it harder to remove dependency from JHipster frontend than from backend because for instance for Angular, JHipster provides its own webpack build process rather than using Angular CLI and also ng-jhipster has some dependencies on Bootstrap that require some effort to remove.

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