How do I change the current working directory in Ada?

I would have expected GNAT's OS_Lib to have a chdir procedure, but no such luck.

Of course, spawning a new process running 'cd' is a hopeless endeauvour, at best it would create a new process which itself will live (very briefly) in the given directory.

with GNAT.OS_Lib;

procedure main is
   procedure Spawn (Program : String) is
      Empty_Arguments : GNAT.OS_Lib.Argument_List (1..0);
      Exit_Code : constant Integer := GNAT.OS_Lib.Spawn (Program_Name => Program, Args => Empty_Arguments);
      if Exit_Code /= 0 then
         raise Program_Error with Program & " exited with exit code: " & Exit_Code'Image;
      end if;
   end Spawn;
   Spawn ("cd dir"); -- replace this with the proper way to do this
   Spawn ("make");   -- on windows 'dir' is another command that is dependent on the current directory
end main;

The aim is that for the next procedure, make in the above example, the directory has been changed.


You could use Set_Directory (see also RM A.16 (6)). For example:


with Ada.Directories;  use Ada.Directories;
with Ada.Wide_Text_IO; use Ada.Wide_Text_IO;
with Ada.Characters.Conversions;

procedure Main is   
   --  Compile with option "-gnatW8" to set wide character encoding to UTF-8.
   -- List_Directory --
   procedure List_Directory is
      use Ada.Characters.Conversions;
      Pattern : constant String      := "*.*";      
      Filter  : constant Filter_Type :=
        (Ordinary_File => True, others => False);   --  Files only.
      S : Search_Type;
      E : Directory_Entry_Type;
      Put_Line (To_Wide_String (Current_Directory));
      Put_Line ("["2502"]");
      Start_Search (S, Current_Directory, Pattern, Filter);
      while More_Entries (S) loop
         Get_Next_Entry (S, E);
         if More_Entries (S) then
            Put ("["251C"]["2500"] ");
            Put ("["2514"]["2500"] ");
         end if;
         Put_Line (To_Wide_String (Simple_Name (E)));
      end loop;
      End_Search (S);
   end List_Directory;
   List_Directory; New_Line;
   Set_Directory ("./src");
   List_Directory; New_Line;
   Set_Directory ("../obj");
   List_Directory; New_Line;
end Main;


$ ./obj/main
└─ default.gpr

└─ main.adb

├─ gpsauto.cgpr
├─ main.ali
├─ main.bexch
├─ b__main.o
├─ b__main.ali
├─ main.o
├─ main.adb.stderr
├─ main.adb.stdout
├─ b__main.adb
├─ b__main.ads
└─ default-loc.xml
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  • Where can I read a bit about these String literals: "["2502"]" ? – Álex Jul 1 at 9:27
  • See the GNAT User's Guide, section 3.2.3 (Wide_Character Encodings, Brackets Coding) and section 4.3.11 (Character Set Control). – DeeDee Jul 1 at 9:34
  • The value 2502 is the Unicode code point for "box drawings light vertical", which is part of the Unicode Box Drawings block (see, for example, here and here). – DeeDee Jul 1 at 9:41
  • The brackets coding can also be used in the source code itself, as shown in Ada.Numerics, where it is used to define Pi as a Greek symbol. – DeeDee Jul 1 at 11:46

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