I have the following component:

import React, { useEffect, PropsWithChildren } from "react";
import "./DesktopHeader.scss";

interface Props extends PropsWithChildren<any> {}

export default function DesktopHeader(props: Props) {
  const children = props.children;
  let pathname = window.location.pathname;

  useEffect(() => {
    pathname = window.location.pathname;
  }, [window.location.pathname]);

  return (
    <header className="header">
      <h1>Thank My Farmer</h1>
        {React.Children.map(children, (child: any, index: number) => {
          return (
            <li key={index}>

I am using it like that:

  <a href="/projects">Projects</a>
  <a href="/settings">Projects</a>
  <a href="/some">Projects</a>

What I am trying now is to add an active class to the <li> or <a> element based on the URL. So if I visit /projects I want to style the corresponding link but I dont know how to do it with Child elements.


You can use React.cloneElement to add a custom class to each child

React.cloneElement(child, {
  key: index,
  className: `${child.props.className} ${
    window.location.pathname.includes(child.props.href) ? "active" : ""
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