How can I validate a string that separated by commas and I have to check the records lengths one by one.

Example: 1234567890,123456,1234567890,12345

I would like to do a regex that returns all the not correct number lengths (not equals 10) Where I want to use this pattern don't have any loop or split function so that's why I want to make this with Regex.

  • The point is that I would like to have returned all of the numbers which ones not 10 lengths. So this is I why a cant make this by myself because I didn't know how can I analyze the number lengths between the commas one by one. – Dev Jun 30 at 14:46

The following Regex matches all the numbers not equal by 10, either from the start, after a comma, or at the end of the string.


RegExr link

Note: Positive lookbehinds aren't supported by all browsers. Lookbehind Browser compatibility

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Something like this?

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