I am facing Data Category visibility related issue.

The scenario is i'm following - I have One Community User which one is using for login into my community. This User's role is Inheriting Visibility for Category Group from it's parant role and it's Visibility is No categories are visible to parent role and subordinates. But This User's Permission set have Custom Visibility Permission is like - All Category Group > child Category > sub child Category for ex : All Products > Computers > Laptops

And I am accessing lick bellow query from apex to display related article in community.

Select Id, Title, KnowledgeArticleId, Summary, CreatedDate, UrlName From KnowledgeArticleVersion WHERE Language = 'en_US' and PublishStatus='Online' WITH DATA CATEGORY Products at (Computers__c) limit 10 UPDATE VIEWSTAT

but I am not getting any articles.
getting error like -- 

Invalid data category name provided: Products. There is no data category matching the given developer name on the data category group: Computers__c

If anyone have solution for this please let me know.

Thank you, Harsiddhi.

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