Need to create multiple worksheet and write data selecting each sheet in jxl, getsheet(i) but when writing data it writes to last sheet and not the sheet selected.

    **//create excel file**
          this.workbook = Workbook.createWorkbook(new File(excelFileName + ".xls"));
                  **//getting list from singleton class**    
                scenarioList= Singleton.getInstance().getscenarioListCreation();
                System.out.println("Scenario list from Singleton class is  " +scenarioList);

                //taking scanner to log file
                int l=0
                Scanner stbLogSC1 = new Scanner(new FileReader(stbTimeStampFileName));
                 for(String sheetName: scenarioList){
                       this.sheet = workbook.createSheet(sheetName,l++);
                        System.out.println("Loop for sheet creation and sheetname is Scenario list name is   " +sheetName +"  "  +sheet.getName() );
                 catch (Exception e)
                     System.out.println("Some issue with sheet creation");

**//selecting sheet 0**
              WritableSheet excelSheet = workbook.getSheet(0);
             System.out.println("Scenario list is jxl  VIKASH " +excelSheet.getName());

**//Calling  write to excel to write the data, next logger is one string which i search.**
  writeToExcel(nextLogger1, nextRowToWrite, 0);

**//The problem here is sheet is created but after selecting sheet 0 and writting it still writes to last sheet created, I want to select each sheet write data and move to next sheet using jxl**

// Please help

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  • Hello, what is the code of writeToExcel()? We don't see here where you actually write the sheet. Is it possible that you end up writing up this.sheet by mistake? – bsaverino Jul 1 at 0:00

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