I have spun up a mongo instance with 10 shards and each shard with a replica. My data set is about 400 gigs in total with 225 indicies and those take up 33 gigs of memory. This mongo instance needs about 2tb of RAM to run. This seems like a lot. Is there any way to manage RAM usage and shift it to SSD. Just looking for guidence.

  • What does "needs 2tb" mean? Are you running mongodb on a machine with 2tb memory? If yes one would expect that all of the memory is used. Using disk (even ssd) as memory is called swap, this is usually too slow to be practical. What is the question exactly? – D. SM Jun 30 at 19:18
  • I have this in Kube and and have 10 nodes in my cluster each with 256 gigs and when i look at the telemetry each shard takes up 110 gigs of Ram I was seeing if i can mitigate this at all with a mix use of SSD and Ram but i know Ram is much faster than SSD. Just looking for cost savings on vm usages – Hizzy Jun 30 at 20:37
  • MongoDB, as most databases, will use the memory that is available on the host machines. If you want to reduce your memory consumption you can allocate less memory to the nodes. – D. SM Jun 30 at 20:51
  • I tried lower RAM and the pods would fail when the data loaded, would get out of resource errors from mongo. Then mongo rolled and lost all the data. – Hizzy Jun 30 at 22:14
  • Add details of what you did and what happened (error messages, etc.) to the question. – D. SM Jun 30 at 22:26

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