For some context, I am creating a videogame on the web that needs a backend to store player names and record their score. Since I am quite comfortable with Python, I used the Django framework for my backend. The problem I encounter, however, is that I do not know how to edit the instance of the player model object I am passing into my HTML file via my views.py file to store/update its score.

Here is the relevant function for my views.py file: `

def homepageview(request):

    form = PlayerForm(request.POST or None)
    if form.is_valid():
      player = form.cleaned_data
      form = PlayerForm()

      for object in PlayerInfo.objects.all():
        if object.name == player.get('name'):
          player = object

     # I am looping through because there may be multiple people on the webpage playing the game so the current player isn't necessarily the most recent player
      context = {
      return render(request,'gamescreen/game.html',context)
      #once the form is valid, you can now actually play the game

    context = {
    return render(request,'gamescreen/homepage.html',context)


Here is the relevant portion of my 'gamescreen/game.html' file:


let player = "{{ player }}";//this is the player object passed in from views.py

class Engine{

      this.gameWidth = gameWidth;
      this.gameHeight = gameHeight;




    context.fillStyle = "orange";


let canvas = document.getElementById('gameSrc');

let context = canvas.getContext('2d');

let eng = new Engine(800,600);

function timestamp(){
  return Math.floor(new Date().getTime() / 1000);

let lasttime = timestamp();

function loop(){
  let now = timestamp();

  let dt = now - lasttime;

  context.clearRect(0,0, 800,600);





//the code for the game is going to be here, but we have a major problem: how are we going to update the player's score?


As you can see, I am having trouble passing the actual object, and not the read-only version of the object, to my html file to be able to update its value.

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