Last week, I asked about creating a surface plot in R and was given an answer using plotly. Plotly seems to be a more interactive plot than I am looking for and it appears I cannot use Latex using plotly, I am using version ‘’.

I'm now trying to use plot3D to develop a surface plot but am confused by the errors. Initially, I was told that each vector needed to be a matrix, so I fixed that, however, the below code is still giving me an error:

x <- df$noise
y <- df$mu
z <- df$z

surf3D(as.matrix(x),as.matrix(y),as.matrix(z), colvar = as.matrix(z))

Error in if (is.na(var)) ispresent <- FALSE else if (length(var) == 1) if (is.logical(var)) if (!var) ispresent <- FALSE : 
  argument is of length zero

I've looked into RGL as well, but think that there are a few plots, specifically Figures 4 and 8 here that I would like to develop.

Thanks in advance.

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