I'm working with react-native and redux using Atomic Design. I don't understand the better way to pass dispatch to atoms components. For example I have an circleIconButton atom that want to reuse in my app. I need first that this button change a flag on my Redux state:

const CircleIconButton = (props) => {
  const { handlePress, type } = props;

  return (
      onPress={() => handlePress(type)}
      <Icon name={type} type="font-awesome-5" />

The handlePress function is a dispatch to Redux and change that flag I need according with type variable (That is also saved in redux store).

That works fine, but that circleIconButton is not reusable in another part of my app because of that onPress function that requires the parameter type

Which is the better way to have that atom working in differents parts of my app?

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