In Kepler when we add new data in the existing dataset then map state get reset to initial state like it gets zoom out.

const { keplerGl } = props;
const { datasets } = keplerGl.map.visState;
const { allData } = datasets.kissht_data;
let data = {
  fields: [{ name: 'hex_id', format: '', type: "string" }],
  rows: [...allData, ['88608b0b2dfffff']]

const dataset = {
  info: {
    id: 'kissht_data'
let config = getMapConfig();

// config['mousePos']=keplerGl.map.visState.mousePos;

props.dispatch(addDataToMap({ datasets: dataset, config }));

in above code when I add new hex at Mumbai location after adding map reset to initial state zoom out and map get to focus on center to the original state

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