const pathToImage = this.props.postInfo.pathToImage;
const { modalShow } = this.state;
            className="post-container mb-5 shadow-lg rounded row"
            <Card.Img variant="top" src={require(pathToImage)} />
                <div className="d-flex justify-content-between">
                    <Button variant="primary" onClick={() => this.setModalShow(true)}>
                        Show Recipe
                    onHide={() => this.setModalShow(false)}
                ></PostModal>{" "}

This is my code for displaying image and some other info.

And error i get on the browser(Firefox): Error: Cannot find module 'C:\Users\specificPath\Aplikacija\Server-side\UserImages\20.png'

My react project is on 'C:\Users\specificPath\Aplikacija\Client-side

Server side is saving images at that specific path.

  • React does not allow accessing relative paths outside the src directory from within the src directory. You’ll need to put your images in the public folder (or host them elsewhere like an Amazon S3 bucket) in order to use them. – jdaz Jun 30 at 20:05

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