I get this error:

Error: Reference.update failed: First argument contains a function in property 'events.-MB5fWOoD9eJkz3EGdI5.at._locale.ordinal' with contents = function (number) { var b = number % 10, output = toInt(number % 100 / 10) === 1 ? 'th' : b === 1 ? 'st' : b === 2 ? 'nd' : b === 3 ? 'rd' : 'th'; return number + output; }

this is form

<form onSubmit={(e) => {
        if(text) {
            props.startEditEvent(props.match.params.id, {
                title: text,
                at: date,
                note: note

and this is async action:

export const editEvent = (id, changes) => ({
    type: "EDIT_EVENT",
export const startEditEvent = (id, changes) => {
    return (dispatch) => {
        return database.ref(`events/${id}`)
            .then(() => {
                dispatch(editEvent(id, changes))
  • Please edit the question to show how you are invoking this function (do not provide external links). What exactly is changes? The error messages says you're passing a function, and that's not valid. – Doug Stevenson Jun 30 at 19:46

The error message is telling you that you're passing a function as part of the argument to update(). This is not valid. Look at the error message closely:

First argument contains a function in property 'events.-MB5fWOoD9eJkz3EGdI5.at._locale.ordinal' with contents = function ...

It's saying that you have a path "events.-MB5fWOoD9eJkz3EGdI5.at._locale.ordinal" that is a function.

We can't see what your at property contains, but it's safe to say that you're passing some object that contains methods in it. That's not going to work. You'll have to figure out what you want the value of at to be, then figure out the specific string, number, or plain object value it should value. What you have now for date just isn't going to work.

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  • thanks for your answer, error was for at property because it was returned from moment package, so i use moment(at).valueOf() – amirking59 Jun 30 at 20:20

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