I'm trying to make a pipeline from an iOS Project in Azure DevOps, but when I tried to install the Cocoapods, the pipeline failed because one of the pods needs credentials 'cause is a private repository. The question is:

"How can I add the credentials in pipeline agent to authenticate the private pod repository?"

I attach the screen shot from my error. screen error


As workaround , you can use a script with Pre-Job as follows:

git config --global url."https://$(GitHub.Token)@github.com/".insteadOf "https://github.com/"

And then a Post-Job script which should always run as follows:

git config --global --remove-section url."https://$(GitHub.Token)@github.com/"

You can refer to this case with similar issue .

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You can add external credentials by ading a service connection.

To add a service connection you have to go to Settings => Service Connection => New service connection:

enter image description here

Then follow the steps to connect the service and then in your yml file you can define "externalFeedCredentials" with the name of your service this is an example for a private nuget server:

- task: NuGetCommand@2
    command: 'restore'
    restoreSolution: '$(MyPathVariable)'
    feedsToUse: 'config'
    nugetConfigPath: '.nuget/NuGet.config'
    externalFeedCredentials: 'NAME OF YOUR SERVICE'

I think you should be able to something like this for the pod repository.

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