I want to write a function that, given a string, returns a new string in which occurences of a sequence of the same consonant with 2 or more elements are replaced with the same sequence except the first consonant - which should be replaced with the character 'm'.

The explanation was probably very confusing, so here are some examples:

  • "hello world" should return "hemlo world"
  • "Hannibal" should return "Hamnibal"
  • "error" should return "emror"
  • "although" should return "although" (returns the same string because none of the characters are repeated in a sequence)
  • "bbb" should return "mbb"

I looked into using regex but wasn't able to achieve what I wanted. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

  • In response to a comment that was deleted in the meantime - I'd like to add that I learned that re is a standard module. I have, however, failed to accomplish my mission even with regex :) – Saucy Goat Jun 30 at 23:23
  • Ah, my comment, thanks for seeing it! I deleted it because I didn't finish reading the question – theX Jun 30 at 23:24

Regex is probably the best tool for the job here. The 'correct' expression is

test = """
hello world

output = re.sub(r'(.)\1+', lambda g:f'm{g.group(0)[1:]}', test)
# '''
# hemlo world
# Hamnibal
# emror
# although
# mbb
# '''

The only real complicated part of this is the lambda that we give as an argument. re.sub() can accept one as its 'replacement criteria' - it gets passed a regex object (which we call .group(0) on to get the full match, i.e. all of the repeated letters) and should output a string, with which to replace whatever was matched. Here, we use it to output the character 'm' followed by the second character onwards of the match, in an f-string.

The regex itself is pretty straightforward as well. Any character (.), then the same character (\1) again one or more times (+). If you wanted just alphanumerics (i.e. not to replace duplicate whitespace characters), you could use (\w) instead of (.)

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    That works! Thank you :) – Saucy Goat Jun 30 at 23:56
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    @SaucyGoat I tried... Oh well. I learned something new! – theX Jul 1 at 0:02
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    @theX thank you for trying - that's all I could ask of you! – Saucy Goat Jul 1 at 0:09
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    There are a very few people on the internet who are actually encouraging and positive, making the internet better. – theX Jul 1 at 0:11

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