It's maybe an easy problem but I won't get the best solution. My method like looks this:

public static MlpConfigDto toMlpConfigDto(MlpConfig mlpConfig) {
    return new MlpConfigDto().setActivationFunction(mlpConfig.getActivationFunction().getType().name())
            .setLayers(new List<LayerDto>(
                    mlpConfig.getLayers().stream().map(layer -> new ModelMapper().map(layer, LayerDto.class)))

The last part of course does not work because there is no new List<LayerDto> in Java. With a Set this works like a charm but I need a List here. How to do it the easiest way for Lists then?

For Sets it would look like this:

.setLayers(new HashSet<LayerDto>(
    mlpConfig.getLayers().stream().map(layer -> new ModelMapper().map(layer, LayerDto.class)))
  • Hmm, does this compile? Looks like you're invoking collect on Set, or am I reading it wrong? – Andronicus Jul 1 at 0:40
  • did you mean new ArrayList<LayerDto> instead of the interface? and yes you don't need the wrapping when its already collected to the same type. – Naman Jul 1 at 3:15

The following line returns a list:

    .map(layer -> new ModelMapper().map(layer, LayerDto.class))

There is no need to wrap it into another collection.

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  • Sorry too tired... that was really obvious... – CptDayDreamer Jul 1 at 1:07
  • 1
    @CptDayDreamer no problem, have a great day! – Andronicus Jul 1 at 1:13

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