Hello community I would like to pass parameters from one Screen to another , I found that there is an error which prints on the object stating as undefined . So I was urged to install react-navigation ! However , there is this error which always occured

Body : 
\CardStack.tsx","targetModuleName":"../Screens"",""message":"Unable to resolve module`../
Screens from mode_modules\ @react-navigation\\stack\\src\views\Stack\CardStack.tsx:\n\nNone of these fils exist:\n *node_modules\\@reactnavigation\\stack\\src\\views\Screens


onPress={()=> this.props.navigation.navigate('DaretDetail',{
                                                           Name:this.state.nom , 
                                                           Amount: this.state.montant,


 render () {

        const name = this.props.navigation.state.params('Name');
        const amount = this.props.navigation.state.params('Amount');

    return ( 



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