I'm planning to learn one of them and start deploying my freelance clients web apps to the one i will go with.

However, I don't want to learn all of them and then find out pros and cons..

  • How was your experience with AWS, Azure and GCP?
  • How is the job market for them?
  • How easy to learn?
  • How easy to deploy a project?
  • Pricing?
  • You might get a better response asking this type of question on reddit.com/r/aws – John Rotenstein Jul 1 at 5:37
  • @JohnRotenstein - agreed that somewhere like reddit (or twitter, or any other free-form discussion forum) would be better suited for opinion-based discussion. Doubtful the OP will get unbiased feedback, when comparing cloud providers, in an aws-specific subreddit though... – David Makogon 2 days ago
  • Unfortunately such a question is off-topic here, as it's opinion-based, as well as (arguably) a service/tool recommendation question, with no objectively-correct way to provide an answer. "Easy" is not really quantifiable, and each of the cloud providers you mentioned have extensive documentation + tutorials you can learn from (including pricing documentation), to help you make an informed decision. – David Makogon 2 days ago
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    @DavidMakogon Yes, I was wondering whether there might be a 'cloud technologies' reddit? Ah! Just found one: reddit.com/r/Cloud – John Rotenstein 2 days ago