I'm synchronizing data between FoxPro and a remote SQL Server. Everything is working great, but on the FoxPro side, it would be much faster if I could detect records that don't need to be considered for sync. I calculate a hash off values to compare against the last-known hash, so with loaded records it's easy enough. What I would like to do is filter out records prior to even loading them by checking an updated column against the start time of the last sync.

How do I add an updated column to a VFP 9 table that gets filled in with the current date and time whenever a change is made to the row?


Assuming the table is in a VFP database (that is, is not a free table), add a datetime column to the table and set up a table rule to populate the field. Assuming you have VFP available, you can do this in the Table Designer or with code.

ALTER TABLE YourTable ADD tUpdated T
ALTER TABLE YourTable SET CHECK YourFunction()

As the syntax indicates, you need to define a function (or a stored procedure in the VFP database) to actually run when the rule fires. You want it to return true. The code in the function can be as simple as:



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    Thanks. I can't programmatically add stored procedures (this bit of code gets executed at runtime from a distributed .exe, and APPEND PROCEDURES is only valid from within the IDE), so I used SET CHECK EXECSCRIPT("REPLACE tUpdated WITH DATETIME()"). – Tom Mayfield Jun 7 '11 at 22:14

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