public function setRedirectUri($uri)
    if (is_null($uri)) {
        $this->redirectUri = null;

    // redirect URI must be absolute
    if (!$this->isAbsoluteUri($uri)) {
        // "postmessage" is a reserved URI string in Google-land
        // @see https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/web/server-side-flow
        if ('postmessage' !== (string)$uri) {
            throw new InvalidArgumentException(
                'Redirect URI must be absolute');
    $this->redirectUri = (string)$uri;
An uncaught Exception was encountered
Type: InvalidArgumentException

Message: Redirect URI must be absolute

Filename: /home/fhnm4mkw4lqa/public_html/application/third_party/google-api-client/vendor/google/auth/src/OAuth2.php

Line Number: 745

Your if (!$this->isAbsoluteUri($uri)) condition only proceeds if the entered URL is not absolute, however, ignoring that part, I was able to solve my error the following way:

My URL was formatted like this and I was getting this exact same error: localhost/CalculatorApp/redirectTest

Now all I had to do was add http:// in front of the URL so it would look like this: http://localhost/CalculatorApp/redirectTest

I was using Google API as well and this solved my issue.

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