Is that possible to generate texts from OpenAI GPT-2 using TensorFlowJS?

If not what is the limitation, like model format or ...?

  • Have you managed to load it on TFJS? – Mohamed Taher Alrefaie Jul 8 '20 at 15:30
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    I'm having a hard time finding input and output nodes for the solution provided by @frederik-bode. Instead, I'm using "Pytorch serve" to expose the model through Rest API. Also GPT2 model is too large to serve in JS and I'm not seeing any advantage converting to TFJS for my use case. – jay Jul 9 '20 at 12:30
  • aaah interesting! Have you done any time profiling to this solution? – Mohamed Taher Alrefaie Jul 9 '20 at 14:57
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    This seems useful: github.com/tensorflow/tfjs/issues/3582 – Heath Mitchell Feb 4 at 14:16
  • Wait, that uses the answer from here – Heath Mitchell Feb 4 at 14:17

I don't see any reason as to why not, other than maybe some operation that is in gpt-2 that is not supported by tensorflowjs.

I don't know how to do it, but here's a nice starting point:


python3 -m pip install -q git+https://github.com/huggingface/transformers.git
python3 -m pip install tensorflow tensorflowjs


from transformers import TFGPT2LMHeadModel, GPT2Tokenizer
import tensorflowjs
tokenizer = GPT2Tokenizer.from_pretrained("gpt2")
# add the EOS token as PAD token to avoid warnings
model = TFGPT2LMHeadModel.from_pretrained("gpt2", pad_token_id=tokenizer.eos_token_id)

that will give you a SavedModel file. Now you can try figure out the input and output nodes, and use tensorflowjs_converter to try and convert it. Pointer: https://www.tensorflow.org/js/tutorials/conversion/import_saved_model.

  • This is in Python, I believe the OP is looking for JS answer. – denislexic Dec 7 '20 at 2:06
  • 2
    Yes, this is how to save the existing model from Python so it can be imported into JS – Heath Mitchell Feb 4 at 14:15

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