Is it possible to have Read the Docs substitute video content with a 2D barcode encoding a link to the video when it's compiled to a PDF or printed to physical paper?

I was very excited to see that Read the Docs supports video content and generating PDFs, but I was sad to discover that the two don't play well together. For example, Read the Doc's own "Getting Started" guide has a "Quick start video" section that embeds a youtube video:

Unfortunately, there's no fall-back for this video in the PDF that's generated from this document:

It would be nice if there was at least a fall-back text message in the PDF version of the documentation that stated something like

(Note: video embed placeholder. Please see <url-of-video>)

And, ideally, the above message would be a caption below an image that was actually the video's thumbnail image (poster/title image) overlayed with a QR code encoding the url of the embedded video.

Is it possible to setup any fall-backs for videos when Read the Docs documentation is rendered for printing to paper?


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