I'm using echart to create bar I have this question:

I want to have fixed height and width to only show 5 rows when its more than 5 it have vertical scroll I tried to do it in html but the numbers/ xAxis it disappear and only appears when the user pull the scroll down so I need to make it in echart

option = {
barWidth: '30%',
barCategoryGap :'10%',
title: {
    text: 'test',
tooltip: {
    trigger: 'axis',
    axisPointer: {
        type: 'shadow'

grid: {
    left: '7%',
    right: '4%',
    bottom: '40%',
    containLabel: true
xAxis: {
    type: 'value',
    boundaryGap: [0, 0.01]
yAxis: {
    type: 'category',
    data: ['Web', 'Web', 'web', 'web', 'web','web', 'web', 'web']
series: [
        name: 'test',
        type: 'bar',
        data: [ 100, 80,30,50, 70, 100, 80,30]




I know this is an old question, check datazoom option.

https://echarts.apache.org/examples/en/editor.html?c=area-simple https://echarts.apache.org/examples/en/#chart-type-dataZoom

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