What does it mean when data is represented as shown in the below diagram?

data representation

There are clearly 8 bits there (A0 through A7), but each bit is neither 1 (high) nor 0 (low). In fact, it seems each bit is both high and low. How can that be?

Is this diagram trying to signify that each bit can be either high or low?

  • IIRC, yes, that represents sending whatever series of bits A0..A7 over those 8 clock cycles. – Peter Cordes Jul 2 at 5:19
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    There's always some transition time between a guaranteed high or low state, due to the way electronics work. The actual state will be read somewhere inside those flat regions, by some circuitry driven by a clock. Timing diagrams help depict the temporal relationship between different parts of a signal chain, including parts where the state is in flux. – paddy Jul 2 at 5:24
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    Yes, this is a standard 8-bit serial data frame. You might see this in something that uses the UART protocol, for example. It is used in this tutorial. – Cody Gray Jul 2 at 5:25
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    I’m voting to close this question because it's not a software question at all. – TomServo Jul 6 at 0:04

This is very typical. Yes it is showing that the bit can be either high or low and it also shows where the transitions are, generally the purpose of a drawing like this is to show the timing of the transitions either in units of time or relative to a clock that either sources or samples these bits.

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