Please refer screenshot below. enter image description here enter image description here I am trying to provide value in dropdown field and select the very fisrt value. But it is not populating. Kindly advise


Try this one when you open your dropdown.

  Driver.FindElements(By.CssSelector(".col-xs-3")).First(e => e.Text = "TE_GL1").Click();

Or just click first element

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Please Try in this way

var ul = driver.findelement(By.XPath("//ul[contains(@class,'your class name')]")).ToList();//loop over here. or if you know index than use it directly.
                var Select = ul[your index].FindElements(By.TagName("li")).ToList();
                foreach (IWebElement item in Select)
                    if (item.Text.Trim() == "Your Text")
                        DateTime start = DateTime.Now;
                        while ((DateTime.Now - start).TotalMilliseconds < 1500)

i hope it will help you.

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  • Thanks you so much!!! Above worked for me, but it works only while debugging. When i run the project it doesnot populate the value from dropdown. Am i missing anything? – Neeta Jadhav Jul 2 at 16:52
  • var ul = driver.findelement(By.XPath("//ul[contains(@class,'your class name')]")).ToList(); var Select = ul[0].FindElements(By.TagName("li")).ToList(); foreach (IWebElement item in Select) { if (item.Text.Trim() == "TE_GL1") { item.Click(); // WebExtention.Wait(500); I am using Chrome driver.Manage().Timeouts().ImplicitWait = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(50); break; } } – Neeta Jadhav Jul 2 at 16:56
  • Also i get OpenQA.Selenium.StaleElementReferenceException: 'stale element reference: element is not attached to the page document at if statement – Neeta Jadhav Jul 2 at 18:13
  • @neeta Jadhav i thing you need to use WebExtention.Wait(1500) before click() – Amar Patel Jul 3 at 4:57
  • and you can handle this StaleElementReferenceException: error using try{}catch(NoSuchElementException){ goto your step} and you can go further on error line using goto. i hope you understand. – Amar Patel Jul 3 at 5:03

As it turns out Thread.Sleep(5000); worked!

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    If you have to use this trick it often means the DOM is not completely loaded yet. Instead of Sleep you better Wait for an element to appear. see stackoverflow.com/a/7312740/578411 – rene Jul 4 at 9:56

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