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The width of the first line is not equal to the second line and the reason is clearly the width of the &nbsp and normal space is different. The font is Lato and this occurs only for some characters only. Is this a Lato bug ? or is there any way to resolve this? no luck with letter-spacing or word-spacing CSS


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The spacing in black color text is non breaking space ( 160 ). The spacing in red color text on top of the black color text is normal space ( 32 ) . The font is Lato and this happens only for some characters only ( f, r, v, w, y )

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    share the code and make it easy for us to help .... – Temani Afif Jul 2 at 21:54
  • Please open the quill editor here quilljs.com/docs/formats and type V V V V and V V V V for Lato font – Mark Timothy Jul 2 at 22:00
  • since you already typed the code, why not doing a copy past here instead of providing a screenshot? you are required to do so: stackoverflow.com/help/minimal-reproducible-example – Temani Afif Jul 2 at 22:07
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    letter-spacing: 0.5px – user13808619 Jul 2 at 22:19
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    try using different font and see the result. – user13808619 Jul 2 at 22:52

When we talk about a font’s spacing, or letter fit, we’re referring to the amount of space between the characters, which in turn gives the typeface its relative openness or tightness. A font’s spacing is initially determined by the manufacturer or designer and is somewhat size-dependent. Text designs tend to be spaced more openly than display faces. The reason? The smaller the point size, the more space is needed between letters to keep the characters legible. Conversely, as a typeface is set larger, a snugger fit between letters creates word-shapes that are easier to read.

Please check https://www.fonts.com/content/learning/fyti/using-type-tools/spacing-and-kerning-1

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