I am trying to make something like an image/video sharing application with flutter and firebase.

User registration and authentication with firebase_auth File upload with firebase_storage Saving data in cloud_firestore, etc.← Now here

I'm looking at, but I'm working with them, for example,

Link the user information (user id) and the uploaded file, I want to know who uploaded each file, What should i do?

If I could do that, I can search files by user id, I give points to each user according to the number of file uploads I think you can do something like this.

Do I need to use firestore or something for that?

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I believe that a good approach to do this is create a collection for videos and for images in Firestore Database, or even a generic collection called media, where each document has the info about the uploaded media, such as type (video/image), the file's url from Firebase Storage, user's id and the upload's date. You can create a model like this, by example:

class UserMedia {
  String userId;
  String mediaUrl;
  String mediaType; // media type can be video, image, audio, etc.
  DateTime uploadedAt;

Then in your Firestore Database you can create a structure like this:

/media/{userId}/{userMedia} //here userMedia is a document created with the model described above.

And do the same for Firebase Storage. You can save files inside folders that the Storage creates based on the path if it doesn't exists. By example you can upload a file passing some variables such as userId and the Storage will create the folders, by example:

  • Thank you for your answer. I think it can be achieved by the method you showed us. I'll do some research so that I can implement it concretely. Jul 4, 2020 at 3:21

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