I am trying to concatenate a column to the right of the matrix independent. The dimensions seems to fit but somehow it does not let me. Can somebody help? Thanks in advance

I added one dimension but the problem is still there


(100000, 4)

ones = np.ones(independent.shape[0]) 

ones = ones[:,None]


(100000, 1)

X = np.concatenate((independent,ones))

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They need to have same number of dimensions. use this to add another dimension to ones before concatenation:

ones = ones.reshape(-1,1)

Your original array ones is a 1-D array, while independent is a 2-D array. Also, in the above code, -1 implicitly finds the right shape for you. You just need to add second dimension to ones by that extra 1 in the shape.

An alternative to that is:

ones = ones[:,None]
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    Yea from my brief experience with Numpy to do some SVD stuff, when an array had dimensions like (n,), you would have to do this line of code to turn it into (n,1) otherwise it raises dimensions error
    – Benoit F
    Jul 3 '20 at 9:10

Try this:

import numpy as np

independent = np.random.randint(0,10,(100000,4))
ones = np.ones((independent.shape[0],1)) # Column vector
X = np.concatenate((independent,ones),axis=1)


% python3 script.py
(100000, 5)

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