• I have a list of phone numbers in mysql database.

  • The phone numbers are in "234808090987" format.

  • I want to alter it to become "+234808980898" How do i alter the database to add the + symbol to each row. I have upto 1500 numbers in the database

    INSERT INTO aspilos_log(category2) VALUES ('2');

the above didn't work

or is there a way i can add + symbol while printing the number from the database

mydb = mysql.connector.connect(
 mycursor = mydb.cursor()
 mycursor.execute("SELECT PHONE_NUMBER FROM category2")
 results = mycursor.fetchall()
 for i in zip(*results):
 number = list(i)
 print (number)
  • i mean the output of the above is (23460798509004, 23480987666556, 23498077685449),
  • Is there a way i can print it as (+2349084998883993, +23409878929888, +234576990046989)
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    A database should not care about how to format items, that is what the template/rendering engine should do. – Willem Van Onsem Jul 3 at 10:53
  • I have a list of phone numbers in mysql database. What is the datatype of the column where they're stored in? I want to alter it to become "+234808980898" Do you want to store the numbers with leading plus sign, or you want to retrieve the values from the table with this leading plus sign only? – Akina Jul 3 at 11:29
  • either ways. I initially want to store it with with leading + sign, if that can't be done, i will like to retrieve the values of the table with leading + sign – dMd Jul 3 at 14:04
  • @dMd: but that is not something that a database should care about. A database is specialized in storing, retrieving and aggregating data. Not in presenting data. – Willem Van Onsem Jul 3 at 15:02
  • @WillemVanOnsem ikr, mysql is not accepting plus sign whenever i'm trying to save it. That's what prompted my question not the retrieval – dMd Jul 3 at 16:26

You can do something like this:


Moreover, I'll suggest not to store anything that you might use to format the phone_number. At present it's '+' sign that you need to use to format, what if in future this symbol changes, and now you need to format the phone number with any new symbol?

This might cause you pain.

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