I have the following error when saving an elixir file with visual studio code

No mixfile found in project. To use a subdirectory, set elixirLS.projectDir in your settings

I have thus updated the User/settings.json (In windows) file such as

    "elixirLS.projectDir": "C:\\CodeTraining\\Elixir-intro"

But I still get the error

Any idea ?

By the way, I have the same error when using Ubuntu.


ElixirLS requires mix project, it does not work properly with plain files. So start with creating the project

mix new intro
cd intro
code .

Now in intro folder ElixirLS would be happy. You still can create random files and/or scripts there to play with.

  • P.S.: if you have an existing directory, you can do cd <directory> and then mix new . – Edward Torvalds Dec 1 '20 at 9:52

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