I am just exploring steam web api documentation. And I guess I found the interesting interface - ILobbyMatchmakingService (https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/webapi/ILobbyMatchmakingService). So, due to docs, you can access creating a lobby, inviting players to the lobby, and remove players from the lobby through this interface using an auth key of a steam user and app id. I think, it means that it's possible to do matchmaking for steam games from 3d party applications. But I can't find more info about it. I can't find what games support this interface (like cs:go, dota2, pubg maybe). Do I actually need a steam publisher key? (In interface docs I see this note "NOTE: This call requires a publisher API key to use this method. As such this API MUST be called from a secure server, and can never be used directly by clients!", but at the same time in the list of the required parameters for those calls I see only Steamworks Web API user authentication key required) And can I really use this interface for kind of matchmaking for steam users from my hypothetical app for steam games such as: cs:go, dota2 or pubg?

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