I've been trying with no success to importxml using google sheets to scrape the Advanced Receiving table data from the url https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/201912290car.htm.

I've tried the XPath copied directly from the inspect chrome page of: //*[@id="div_receiving_advanced"] where I always get the "Imported content is empty" error message.

I'm stumped because it works with the Passing, Rushing, & Receiving table data using the XPath of: //*[@id="div_player_offense"]

When I use the XPath of: //*[@id="all_receiving_advanced"], I get the following results.

unparsed results

However, I'd like to parse the data from the 2nd column so it looks like this.

parsed results

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Since some players don't have value for specific columns (for eg : "Rec/Br"), transforming directly the data returned by IMPORTXML will produce a scrambled table.

2 solutions :

A) Use IMPORTFROMWEB addon (number of requests are limited in the free plan) with JS rendering activated and a base selector option to keep the data structure. XPath expressions needed for data :


for the headers :


for the base selector :


Formula used in C6 :


Output :


Side note : IMPORTFROMWEB often output loading errors.

B) Use IMPORTDATA and formulas to generate the table. First we load the data of interest with a filter (QUERY). Then we fix the blank cells problem with SUBSTITUTE. After that we extract the data with REGEXEXTRACT. Finally we apply a last filter and SPLIT the data to populate the cells.

Formula :

=ARRAYFORMULA(SPLIT(QUERY(ARRAYFORMULA(REGEXREPLACE(ARRAYFORMULA(SUBSTITUTE(QUERY(IMPORTDATA(B3);"select Col1 where Col1 contains 'rec_broken_tackles_per_rec'");"></td>";">0</td>"));".+htm.+?>(.+?)<.+team.+([A-Z]{3}).+targets.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+?rec.+?>(.+?)<.+";"$1;$2;$3;$4;$5;$6;$7;$8;$9;$10;$11;$12;$13;$14"));"select * WHERE NOT Col1 contains '<'");";"))

Output :


In both cases, blank cells are replaced with 0.


My working workbook is here.


For "Advanced Defense Table" with IMPORTDATA :

=ARRAYFORMULA(SPLIT(QUERY(ARRAYFORMULA(REGEXREPLACE(ARRAYFORMULA(SUBSTITUTE(QUERY(IMPORTDATA(B3);"select Col1 where Col1 contains 'def_tgt_yds_per_att'");"></td>";">0</td>"));".+htm.+?>(.+?)<.+team.+([A-Z]{3})<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?def.+?>(.+?)<.+?bli.+?>(.+?)<.+?qb_.+?>(.+?)<.+?qb_.+?>(.+?)<.+?sac.+?>(.+?)<.+?pre.+?>(.+?)<.+?tac.+?>(.+?)<.+?tac.+?>(.+?)<.+?tac.+?>(.+?)<.+";"$1;$2;$3;$4;$5;$6;$7;$8;$9;$10;$11;$12;$13;$14;$15;$16;$17;$18;$19;$20;$21;$22"));"select * WHERE NOT Col1 contains '<'");";"))

Output :


  • E. - Thanks for providing two (2) great alternatives. Does the IMPORTFROMWEB function have a cap of 15 xpaths? I tried to use this command against the Advanced Defense table and got an error. It works if I limit the number of xpaths to 15 but fails for anything greater. Could you share the IMPORTDATA solution for the Advanced Defense table? I tried to modify the one used for receiving table with no success.
    – blueantz
    Jul 5, 2020 at 14:11
  • I don't think it's a cap but yes, try to limit the number of XPath in your IMPORTFROMWEB formula. Otherwise you'll get timeout errors. So, for the "Advanced Defense Table", use 2 IMPORTFROMWEB formulas. Post have been updated with a formula if you choose IMPORTDATA option for "Advanced Defense Table". Workbook is also updated. IMPORTFROMWEB formulas has been optimized a bit (better baseSelector). Cell with yellow background contain formulas.
    – E.Wiest
    Jul 6, 2020 at 1:45
  • And of course, if your problem is solved please mark my post as best answer.
    – E.Wiest
    Jul 6, 2020 at 1:55

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