I have a very large text file of 16gb . I need to skip no of line .I want to skip those line in time efficient manner. I am using python for code.how to do that ?


Just read the number of lines you want to skip and throw them away:

with open(your_file) as f_in:
    for i in range(number_of_lines_to_skip):
    # your file is now at the line you want...  

You can also use enumerate to have a generator that only yields lines once you have skipped the lines you want to:

with open(your_file) as f_in:
    for line in (line for i, line in enumerate(f_in) if i>lines_to_skip):
        # here only when you have skipped the first lines

The second there is likely faster.

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beware, calling next on a file object will raise StopIteration if the end of file is reached.

go_to_line_number = some_line_number

with open(very_large_file) as fp:

    for _ in range(go_to_line_number):

    for line in fp:
        # start your work from desired line number
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