I tried using

SELECT * FROM qrcode WHERE id = :ID

with parameter type ftGuid and value {6231e0a5-a0dd-461a-80f9-c3b2eb134422} and I get no records.

If I try using

SELECT * FROM qrcode WHERE id = UUID(:ID) 

with parameter type ftString and same value I get a record back.

Am I doing something wrong with ftGuid?

  • Please show how you assign the GUID value to the parameter. – Olivier Jul 4 at 13:43
  • @Olivier - To assign value to the parameter I use FireDAC Query editor. On parameter page settings for parameter :ID are: Parameter Type - ptInput, Data Type - ftGuid and Value - {6231e0a5-a0dd-461a-80f9-c3b2eb134422}. I do net get any errors, just no records. In other case I use Parameter Type - ptInput, Data Type - ftString and Value - 6231e0a5-a0dd-461a-80f9-c3b2eb134422. – Filip Toskovic Jul 4 at 17:54
  • Try by code: FDQuery.ParamByName('ID').AsGUID := StringToGUID('{6231e0a5-a0dd-461a-80f9-c3b2eb134422}'); – Olivier Jul 5 at 6:57
  • @Olivier - Same behaviour. I think the problem is in the GUID format, FireDAC uses format with brackets but PostgreSQL do not. If brackets are ommited I get an conversion exception (for obvious reason), with brackets I get no data. – Filip Toskovic Jul 5 at 9:53

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