The below code sorts the strings in the ex_lst list by their second letter and puts them in a new list (sorted_by_second_let)

ex_lst = ['London', 'Manchester', 'Newcastle', 'Southampton', 'Bristol', 'Glasgow']
sorted_by_second_let=sorted(ex_lst,key=lambda word:word[1])

How can we do the same thing using a function instead of a lambda?

Thank you!

  • Define a custom function which returns the second letter. – Austin Jul 4 at 13:41

You can define a custom function which returns second letter, though simpler function would better be a lambda:

def second(word):
    return word[1]
sorted_by_second_let = sorted(ex_lst, key=second)
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def sort_by_second_letter(lst):
    new_lst = {}
    for word in lst:
        new_lst.update({word[1]: word})
     return sorted(new_lst)
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  • This is not what OP wants. This returns a sorted list of letters. – Austin Jul 4 at 13:49
  • I'm not sure. Can you please execute OP's code? He wants the same output using function instead of lambda. – Austin Jul 4 at 14:20

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