I tried to search online to understand how data can be saved into database in webhook view. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any. My question is, is it possible to save data, eg session_id in webhook view ? and how ?

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When you speak of webhook view, I assume you are talking about a view - or route how it is called in Flask terminology.

Basically, I does not matter whether you want to save the data in a view or a helper method.

You have to make sure to extract the data from the request first.

But then, it basically looks like this:

from yourapp import User
me = User('admin', '[email protected]')

This was taken from the flask-sqlalchemy documentation.

For a more complete tutorial, I'd recommend Miguel's tutorial:


You will learn all basic actions you can do with Flask, including saving data to a database.

  • Thank you very much for your response.I know this stuffs. But the problem is that, I am trying to save to database if a transaction is successfully made using Stripe Webhook. But even when the code is correctly written, it does store in data base. The full code is: stackoverflow.com/questions/62733977/…
    – refugehome
    Jul 4, 2020 at 20:14

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