i am trying to implement file upload while being connected to a web-socket in spring boot server.

i am converting every file uploaded to base64 format and then sending it in form of json..

but whenever i exceed a limit of 1 mb it gives me an error about handshake failed..

here is my relevant spring code websocket configuration file

public class WebSocketConfig implements WebSocketMessageBrokerConfigurer{
        public void registerStompEndpoints(StompEndpointRegistry registry) {
            .addInterceptors(new HttpSessionHandshakeInterceptor()).withSockJS()
            .setDisconnectDelay(200 * 1000);;
        public void configureMessageBroker(MessageBrokerRegistry config) {

here is my controller code

@CrossOrigin(origins = "http://localhost:4200")
public class WebSocketController {
    // sending files inside the meeting
    public String onRecievedFile(@DestinationVariable String bookingId,@Payload String file) {
        return file;

here is my most relevant typescript code written in angular framework

    sendFile(message: MessageModel, bookingId: string) {
        let data = JSON.stringify({
            message: message
        this.ws.send('/sendChat/' + bookingId, { }, data);

I am getting handshake failure error ...

ERROR 14721 --- [io-5000-exec-10] o.s.w.s.s.s.DefaultHandshakeHandler : Handshake failed due to invalid Upgrade header: null

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