I have a "Parcel" Doctype Which have a “Parcel Content” Doctype as a child table.

If i do:

frappe.get_doc('Parcel', 'NAME')

I get the object with the child table in it, it works for a single object.

But i need to get multiple objects with his child table fields.

So i can't render a custom jinja template.


frappe.get_all('Parcel', fields=['fields_of_parent', 'content'], filters=[])

So this will get me the filtered objects with the child table.


You have to query on the child table:

frappe.get_all("Parcel Content", 
    filters = dict(parent=parcel_name), 
    fields = [fields of child table])`
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    but this will only get you the parcel contents for one parcel, not for all parcels. – tillmo May 8 at 16:07

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