I created IBM MQ Consumer by using apache camel and Spring boot, so with this whenever, data pushed to the IBM MQ then this app will read the message from the queue, but producer I have created by using Spring JMS, so anyone please give suggestion or code how to create the IBM MQ Producer by using Spring boot and Apache camel

below I placed the consumer code, anyone please help me to develop the IBMMQ Producer by using camel+spring boot

Consumer Router:


    public class IBMMQRoute extends RouteBuilder {

    public void configure() throws Exception {

        log("Read Message from ibmmq ${body}");



    ibm.mq.queueManager: QM1
    ibm.mq.channel: DEV.ADMIN.SVRCONN
    ibm.mq.user: admin
    ibm.mq.password: passw0rd

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