My subscription email is not added to the database and no results for network is shown in console even after using print_r for db query

    type: 'post',
    enctype: 'multipart/form-data',
    url: base_URL+"Home/subscription_email",
    data: {'email': subscription_email},
    processData: false,
    contentType: false,
    cache: false,

    beforeSend: function() {
        $('.sending_subscription_email').html("<h6>SUBMITTING . . .</h6>");

    success: function(data) {

    error: function(e) {
        $('.sending_subscription_email').html("<h6>Error, please try again</h6>");

//controller public function subscription_email() {

    $subscriptionData = $this->input->post();

    $subscriptionData['status']         = '1';
    $subscriptionData['notification']   = '0';
    $subscriptionData['date_created']   = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');

    //print_r($subscriptionData); exit();

    //insert data into db
    $insert = $this->Common_model->insertData('subscription', $subscriptionData);
    //print_r($this->db->last_query()); exit();

    if ($insert) {
        echo true;
    } else {
        echo false;
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  • Add the base_URL+"Home/subscription_email" code. – user3783243 Jul 5 at 14:38
  • Please show the essential code to reproduce your problem. In your case: controller and model where you add email to db. Your question, as it is written now, needs more details/focus to be answered. Please read How to create a Minimal, Reproducible Example and How to Ask a Good Question – Vickel Jul 5 at 14:47
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    also: base_URL is a javascript variable you must have defined somewhere. Did you check if it has any value? – Vickel Jul 5 at 14:50
  • @Vickel yes it is defined – tete Jul 5 at 15:06
  • so how does your url look like? – Vickel Jul 5 at 15:07

Do you have development mode enabled to see errors? It might be possible that production mode is on and some error is being produced that you don't see in Network tab because of that.

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