Good morning, I have a problem, in which Sequelize returns to the day before the date passed to the backend and to this it also adds a default time, 23:00:00. In short, I in the frontend select a date through the datepicker and send it to the backend. When logging into the Backend console, it appears correctly, but when I send it to a where clause, it assumes the previous day of that date and adds a time and format. That is, if you select the date 2020-07-11, it will put in the where 2020-07-10 23:00:00 +00: 00.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
I send code and print from the backend console to show the date.

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var Viagem = require('../../model/viagem');
var pedido_viagem = require('../../model/pedido_viagem');
var Estado = require('../../model/estado');
var Pessoa = require('../../model/pessoa');
var Partida = require('../../model/freguesias');
var Chegada = require('../../model/freguesias');
const sequelize = require('../../model/database');
const viagem = require('../../model/viagem');

const cmv_cont = {}

cmv_cont.pendentes_data_inicio = async(req, res) => {
    const data_inicio_filtragem = req.query;
    const data = await Viagem.findAll({
            include: [{
                model: Pessoa,
                attributes: ['p_nome', 'u_nome']
            where: [
                {estado: "2"}, 
                {pago_pela_cmv: "0" },
                {data_viagem: "" + data_inicio_filtragem.data_inicio }],
            order: [
                ['data_viagem', 'ASC']

        .then(function(data) {

            return data;
        .catch(error => {
            console.log('Erro: ' + error);
            return error;
    res.json({ success: true, data: data });


module.exports = cmv_cont;

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the reason behind is sequelize timezone configuration.

Based on your code I suppose you're from Portugal so the timezone is UTC+00:00, however, Daylight saving time for Europe/Lisbon is UTC+01:00 from March 29 until October 25

Sequelize tries to save all Datetimes as UTC+00:00

Try to execute the following:

const moment = require('moment');

const date = moment('2020-07-11'); // moment("2020-07-11T00:00:00.000")
date.utc(); // moment.utc("2020-07-10T23:00:00.000+00:00")

It's standard behavior and probably configuration that you want. When you fetch created Viagem the date should be returned in your local format.

  • I solved a problem putting a variable of type Sequelize.DataTypes.DATEONLY on model . Thanks anyway
    – IanMoone
    Commented Jul 6, 2020 at 17:10

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