good evening to you all! Im working with PostgreSQL 12.2 over FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE and currently having this issue: Error


The user repl is created in pg_hba.conf of the main server and has the permissions, although that has nothing to do with this (I think). I suspect the issue has something to do with the original permissions the files had. I've researched this for quite some time but couldn't find and answer. Thank you for your time, and sorry If I missed some file you needed to see. I'll put it here if needed.

My recovery.conf file:

primary_conninfo='host= port=5432 user=repl pass=foo'
restore_command='cp /nfs/pg_wal_archive/%f %p'
restore_cleanup='' #I clean the NFS directory manually

  • You have redirected log to syslog: do you have any message in syslog ? – pifor Jul 6 at 17:45
  • Try to modify postgresql.conf to log in $PGDATA\log with logging_collector, log_destination, log_directory and restart PostgreSQL (or try to fix syslog.conf: but here I cannot help especially on FreeBSD). – pifor Jul 6 at 18:32
  • @pifor I can't find it. My syslog.conf has the entry local.* /var/log/postgre but it doesn't generate any file. Trying to run pg_ctl start > logfile 2>&1 generate the same output I show. – Ivanovich Jul 6 at 18:34
  • Usually postgresql.conf is in the same directory as recovery.conf . – pifor Jul 6 at 18:37
  • @pifor Thanks! I'd read the documentation but for some reason didn't think on checking the logging part! It confused me that some errors were actually displayed when i tried to intiiate the server but this not, so I changed the logging to stderror. Now I see that recovery.conf it is not valid anymore, the name has to be recovery.signal. – Ivanovich Jul 6 at 18:41

Okey, my error was simply I had syslogd misconfigured and had read the wrong documentation. Shout outs to pifor for making me notice it. Despite it was a "I forgot the basics error" I'm leaving this in case someone misconfigures his logging :P

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