I added Bootstrap and routing to a frontend, deleted my node_modules, and re-installed them with yarn install. When I try to npm run build, I get:

Creating an optimized production build...
Failed to compile.

Attempted import error: 'AccordionCollapseProps' is not exported from './AccordionCollapse'.

I'd like to fix this error. I can post more extensive code if helpful.


There is an open issue in their github repo: https://github.com/react-bootstrap/react-bootstrap/issues/5267

One reported fix is to roll back to version 1.0.1.

npm install react-bootstrap@1.0.1 --save

That worked for me.

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  • nice this just fixed my issue too. I'm guessing another version came out between 2 days ago and today – Andrew Venson Jul 7 at 3:13

After zxvaf's solution if the problem still continues you should also remove ^ character from react-bootstrap in package.json file. So it should be like this

    "react-bootstrap": "1.0.1",
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