I'm using the @sap/hana-client npm module in a NodeJS project to connect to a HANA database and run queries. I have a list of IDs that I want to include in a WHERE ID IN(...) SQL clause via parameterized queries, but cannot seem to figure out the syntax to do it.

Here's what I imagine it would look like (but this does not work, fails at the parameter binding stage)

const ids = [1,2,3,4];
const params = [ids];
const sql = "SELECT * FROM T WHERE ID IN (?)";

// this fails with => code: -20007, message: 'Can not bind parameter(0).', sqlState: 'HY000'
conn.query(sql, params, (err, result) => {
  // process query results or errors

I know that in Postgres I can do this by using the UNNEST(...) 1 array function, but the same does not seem to work in HANA

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That's a well-known difficulty with HANA. ARRAY-like types are not natively supported in the client software.

Your (special) case of this, namely turning an array into a list of parameters for an IN clause requires some additional efforts.

See e.g. Errors with declared array/table variable values in SAP HanaDB SQL

The bottom line is that Postgres handles this special case specifically by replacing the single IN-clause parameter ? with a whole list of delimited values.

HANA does (sadly) not do something like that.

Instead, if you have to know in advance how many elements (at max) the IN-list will have so that you can prepare a statement with a parameter ? for each of those elements.

Alternatively, you can use SQLScript and the UNNEST construct that I've shown in the linked question, or you can create a temporary table, fill it with the IN-list elements and use it in the IN-clause (or join it).

Either way, it's rather cumbersome to manually do this, and I'd probably look for a framework that does that sort of stuff.

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