I want to do some customized axis transformation to show my data better in a plot by Plotly Python. For example, using x1 = ln(x), y1 = ln(ln(1-y)) to make the original y=1-exp(x^3) curve linear. I'd like to know whether Plotly supports such a customized axis transformation (I failed to find it in the documentation), or I have to do the data transformation first, then make the plot and customize ticks? What is the best practice? Thanks.


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To my knowledge, specifying a custom axis type is not possible at the moment. From the docs you can see that the axis type can be specified as:

  - One of the following enumeration values:
        ['-', 'linear', 'log', 'date', 'category',

So I would definitely do the necessary transformations before plotting in your case.


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