I have a python function that must remove punctuation and stop words but when i print the result it does't remove it.

where is the error in my function?


    from nltk.corpus import stopwords
    from string import punctuation
        ppt = '''...!@#$%^&*(){}[]|._-`/?:;"'\,~12345678876543''' 
        def text_process(raw_text):
            raw_text: text as input
            - remove all punctuation
            - remove all stop words
            - return a list of the cleaned text
            #check characters to see if they are in punctuation
            nopunc = [char for char in list(raw_text)if char not in ppt]
            # join the characters again to form the string
            nopunc = "".join(nopunc)
            #now just remove ant stopwords
            return [word for word in nopunc.lower().split() if word.lower() not in stopwords.words("english")]

def_test_twtr_preds["tokens"] = def_test_twtr_preds["processed_TEXT"].apply(text_process)

#get most common words in  dataset
all_words = []
for line in list(def_test_twtr_preds["processed_TEXT"]):
    words = line.split()
    for word in words:
print("Most common words:\n{}".format(Counter(all_words).most_common(10)))

when i display the result of most common words exist in the dataset is:

Most common words:
[('the', 281), ('and', 103), ('words', 81), ('…', 70), ('are', 61), ('word', 57), ('for', 55), ('you', 48), ('this', 40), ('.', 34)]
  • Please provide a minimal reproducible example. In your example at least the definition (or import) of stopwords is missing. – pythonic833 Jul 7 '20 at 9:30
  • 1
    Title how to remove punctuation and stop words using python and regex looks partially misleading for me - you do not use regex (re module) here. – Daweo Jul 7 '20 at 9:35
  • my mistake but my question was how to remove it using regex or my function as i showed. i will change the question – Pyleb Pyl3b Jul 7 '20 at 9:36
  • You use nltk, why not make use of its built-in function to do that? – ipramusinto Jul 7 '20 at 9:47
  • @ipramusinto what you mean i am using the package and function of the nltk. word for word in nopunc.lower().split() if word.lower() not in stopwords.words("english") i am using the package nltk.corpus for stopwords where is the error in my function ?? – Pyleb Pyl3b Jul 7 '20 at 9:57

Beware that list('your text') will result ['y','o','u','r','t','e','x','t'] not ['your', 'text'].

You can remove punctuation using nopunc = [w for w in text_raw.split() if w.isalpha()]

However the code above will also remove the word I'm in I'm fine. So if you want to get ['I','m','fine'], you can use the code below:

tokenizer = nltk.RegexpTokenizer(r"\w+")
nopunc = tokenizer.tokenize(raw_text)

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