Good morning everyone,

we develop a Delphi application for businesses and recently we are facing a lot of problems with the heterogeneous configurations of our customers, in particular with antiviruses and browsers. Our app is developed for windows, is linked to our support portal (http calls), sync some other infos for some "global environment status" (linked directly to a cloud DB) and use FTP calls to sync requests or docs "to"/"from" the customer.

We've come to the conclusion that to avoid all of these problems we need to "code signign" our app with an EV certificate. Actually I can't find an "How-to" guide that explain to me:

  • How to install/configure the cerificate (in delphi XE6)
  • If there's some extra steps needed to build/recompile our app before publishing to customers

Any other help would be appreciated, expecially in there's something written the question where I'm wrong.

Thanks in advance

  • Additionally to the previous infos, uploading the EXE in virustotal.com none of the 68 engines detect the file as "malicious" or unsafe. Often we can see some slowdowns in the start or during its execution without apparently motivation and shutdowning the antivirus doesn't seems to happen – AttilioDM Jul 7 at 10:28
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    Microsoft provides a tool to sign programs. Have a look at docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/tools/signtool-exe – fpiette Jul 7 at 11:46
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    You can find a pretty good article about signing Windows Executables here. Note signing of Windows Executables is usually done outside of Delphi environment. Also same proces can be used for any Windows Executable regardless of which Development Environment was used for creating of such Executable. – SilverWarior Jul 7 at 11:46
  • I especially like that article as it also covers differences about different certificate4s that can be used for Code Signing of your applications. – SilverWarior Jul 7 at 11:48
  • @SilverWarior i've found that article just few days ago, and i've saved into bookmarks because it's very useful, simple and clear. Thanks anyway for the reference. – AttilioDM Jul 7 at 13:20

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