[enter image description here] i am stuck in a problem solving question please help in solving the error like error in zero division error it is the image of question. [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/ZAXQA.png

  • sum = 0 at the start and you evaluate n%sum which the same as asking "what is the remainder of n divided by sum?" And dividing by 0 is not a very good thing to do... And also dont post screenshots here, just enter the code. – ynotzort Jul 7 at 10:36

You got the error as in the very first iteration you try to determine the modulo of 3 divided by 0. You can avoid this by letting sum start at 1 (line 2).

sum = 1

If I understood your function correctly, you want do print out all divisors of a certain sum. As 0 is never an acceptable divisor your script should keep working.

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