Documentation Reference: https://developer.riotgames.com/docs/lol#game-client-api

This is a personal project with the League of Legends game client.

For those who don't play the game, there's two League of Legends (LOL) clients installed on the user's machine. Launcher client & Game client. The launcher client handles all the queuing part and the game client handles the actual live gaming. The game client creates an HTTPS API server during the game for developers to grab live game information from the client. What another developer did was create a native desktop application to read the data, process it and sends it to his/her server.

I assumed that since Progressive Web Apps (PWA) can also be installed onto the desktop that they would have access to the game client's API endpoint. I have a testing environment domain setup with PWA working 100% for another project and I was using that to test it for this project. However, whenever I do fetch (even tried xmlhttprequest) to "", it continues to fail. Here's the error.

The FetchEvent for "" resulted in a network error response: the promise was rejected.
Uncaught (in promise) no-response: no-response :: [{"url":"","error":{}}]
    at Object.handle (https://[mytestdomain.com]/workbox-e032be30.js:1:15579)

Is there a limitation to what you can do with PWA? Like even if the PWA is installed on the user's desktop, it doesn't have access to localhost or something? I tried to Google and find as much as information as possible on this but most of the questions/answers I found were relating to offline mode.

I would appreciate if anyone can offer some insight into the matter or suggestions for work around.

Thank you :)

  • you need to know that pwa apps are just small browsers – Ifaruki Jul 8 at 6:02

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