Do anyone knows how do I format the quantity of displayed fractional numbers of a variable in Delphi (in my program, it is being used the variable Real).



integer value|fractional value   

Based on the example, all I want is this number to be displayed as 3.14 (note that this is just an example. In my program, the user is going to input the real value).

I'm looking forward to display this value in a label. Is there any way to do that? If yes, how?

REFERENCE -> link to exemplify exactly what I want to do, but in Delphi (instead of Java, which is the language used in the link below):

How I can to limit decimal numbers of double variable?

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    Look at SysUtils.FormatFloat() and related functions. – Remy Lebeau Jul 8 at 1:04
  • Use the function FloatToStrF with “format type“ ffFixed, digits = 2 and precision at least = 3 – Delphi Coder Jul 8 at 1:28
  • Excelent, that's what I needed. Thanks! – FARS Jul 8 at 3:21
  • @FARS if you answeer your own question with the answer provided by Delphi Coder, you may actually gain some reputation points. which is good! – H.Hasenack Jul 9 at 20:17

You can do this very easily using Delphi's built-in function:


This function, takes a real value and returns a string with a precision point, in your example 3.14

The code would look as follows:

FloatToStr(ffFixed, 12 ,2);
  1. First specify the type of formatting, in this case it will be a fixed value.
  2. Second, is the integer value size before the decimal point.
  3. Third argument is the number of decimal values after the decimal point.

Hope this helped!

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